ma vens

noun [C]

an experienced and

trusted advisor.

verb [Mentors

advise or train (someone, especially a younger colleague)

noun [C]

plural noun [mavens

an expert or connoisseur.

"fashion maves"

men  tors

& we are!  

It's been two years since I launched this website with great intentions.

Only to be distracted and then derailed.

That's ok!!  I gave myself grace, clearly what was planned wasn't supposed to happen.


Spring forward to 2020!

I'm excited and scared at the same time!! 

I'm bringing back Mentors & Mavens in a different the form of a podcast.

I"m so excited for you to hear the conversations "Up Close and Personal".

I have been blessed with amazing connections and have heard their stories.  Now I want to share these conversations with a broader audience.  

There are so many golden nuggets and takeaways that leave you inspired :)

Strong women who have faced adversity and had to pivot....or wanted to pivot.

Getting to know these women on a personal level...their human element.  

Sharing their wisdom and expertise will leave you feeling you can take on anything you set your mind to!

We lifting others up.


I look forward to sharing these stories with you!


Jane x

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Listen to weekly Episodes 


Jane Ulrich

Betty Halman-Plumley

Lisa Dixon

Nancy Wiskel

When we dig deep we can learn so much from others who have made it. Their wins, their

losses and


in between...

what they

know now.

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