• Jane Ulrich

Positivity vs Negativity

I’m all about simplicity…or at least that’s how I’ve evolved.

Life can be so much more rewarding if people just look at everything in a positive light.

I remember the day life changed for me, it was Feb 21, 2012 in the Dr’s office that I was told I had Breast Cancer. I didn’t cry…I looked at my husband, then the Dr and said “Ok…what do I have to do to beat this thing?” I made up my mind right there that it wasn’t going to beat me. I was going to fight it and the only way to do that was have a good attitude towards it.

I remember thinking if I don’t take this approach then the “flip side” won’t be a good outcome. Thankfully, being positive took me far…I’m still here!

This journey of life has been mesmerizing to me…I’m grateful for the gift of cancer (go figure!), as it has given me a whole new perspective on everyday living.

This brings me to this project of this blog and vlog…sharing experiences and helping women see things differently and living their best life. It takes work and does not happen overnight, but its oh so worth it!

Think about this…what you focus on, you find. The mind is so powerful. Focus on happy thoughts, positive outcomes and see what happens!

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